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Dustless Sanding

We are your local company and we specialize in every type of hardwood flooring services. If you need to have a new floor installed or have the existing one repaired or refinished, we are the company to call.  For the hardwood floor refinishing we boast of our dustless floor sanding Albany NY. We have become the company that most homeowners trust with all their wood floor needs. Our experienced experts will work tirelessly and see to it that your floors are in the best condition possible. For the old, dull and worn-out floors, we have the perfect solution to restore them.

Generally, hardwood floors are not difficult to maintain. However, over the years, they will get damaged and this affects their appearance. We are here to help you with any type of floor repairs and refinishing services. The advantage of choosing our company is that you do not have to contend with the dust that is produced in the common floor sanding. If you have noticed that your floor is losing its luster, give us a call and we will find ways to restore it.

Dustless Floor Sanding Process

Just as the name implies, our dustless sanding process does not produce much dust. Our sanders will be able to contain the dust and this comes with numerous benefits. First and foremost, this makes the process easier and faster. Since the dust is collected on the go, it saves a lot of time and our technicians will focus more on the sanding and not vacuuming the floors. Seeing that there will be hardly any dust produced, the process will produce cleaner results. There will be no debris left behind and as such, floors will look great.

The main reason why most people avoid floor refinishing is due to the excessive dust produced. The dust can be quite problematic for people with allergies and other respiratory disorders. Fortunately, with the dustless hardwood floor refinishing, there will be no dust particles in the air and as such, it is safer for all. The environment will be healthier as the indoor air quality will not be contaminated. We have invested in the best sanding technology and this has made the floor sanding process an easier experience for our customers as well as our contractors.

hardwood floor refinishing Albany ny

Floor Repairs and Refinishing

There are some minor issues that can be corrected with minimal hardwood floor repair. When you contact us, we will want to visit your property and give our price estimate while on the site. Our flooring specialists will assess and evaluate your floors so as to determine the type of restoration service that you need. We will find the right solutions which will help us make your floors look stunning and visually appealing again. Allow us to use our expertise to repair your floor and this will save you the cost of having to replace the floor.

Contact us today for our dustless floor sanding Albany NY services and request for an estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.